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  The Object Builder is a complete tool set for designing and developing complex applications.
 Object Builder - a tool for turning Objects into Applications

Object Builder - Simplifying the Complexity

What if you had a tool that allowed you to develop new, complex applications quickly? What if that same tool came with a complete architecture and a host of support functionality that made creating a secure, robust web-application or even integrating with existing applications a manageable, predictable and low-risk undertaking? What if that tool came with a complete web UI framework and controls where the web pages could be generated from a simple description by non-programmers? What it included a complete documentation system so that you could also document your applications using the same descriptions.

What if you had the Object Builder from ObjetX.

The ObjetX Object Builder and couple with Application Platform makes building software, even complex applications, a straightforward process. By providing a unique, simple and powerful way of describing all of the pieces that make up an application, the task of creating the application from the description is highly automated and highly predictable. The ability to predict delivery of product accurately and effectively is what determines the difference between success and failure.

What businesses really need is a vertically targeted, out-of-the-box enterprise level Application Builder, Application Framework and Integration tool along with a comprehensive support systems designed to address rapid development and deployment of high function applications. We can provide templates of application descriptions for different industries and business models. Our toolset provides features such as highly automated front-end generation, database generation and management, report and documentation creation, predefined data and process models, standard data-exchange formats specific to the industry and a flexible and comprehensive role-based security model.

The Object Builder makes development faster and offloads much of the effort required to build such models from scratch. This software, easy to learn with an architecture designed to support complex, high transaction business software, systems integration and industry standards, will streamline the process of producing a professional User Interface, provide a highly secure and efficient business application layer and ease the task of tying together disparate back-end systems through web services and highly efficient grid based computing to provide rapid access to company data and systems.

The technology and application challenges many businesses face in a quickly changing environment can be demanding and are fraught with risk. The good news is that we have the know-how, the technology and the product to help them keep up with those changes and to mange the risk. Companies short on time can implement new software and integrate quickly, effectively and with assurance that they can continue to meet future needs. They can undertake projects with an assurance that they will meet requirements in a manageable and predictable fashion.

Object Builder Functionality

The Object Builder is designed as framework for associated design, development, test and management tools. Adding a new tool into the Object Builder framework is exceptionally easy - and it is easy to take advantage of the object model in the Object Builder to build your own generative tools.

There are a wide array of tools already available in the Object Builder, and many more on the way.

  • Object TreeView - This flexible tool has a wide assortment of functions for building and managing your complex object definitions. You can also generate many portions of your application directly from the Tree View
  • Object Picker - List all of the objects currently available, or select a working set based on name simply by typing the name. You also a wide range of search methods for finding just the right set of objects to work with
  • Object Properties - Display all the properties, attributes, methods, events, rules and other associated information
  • Object Detail - Enter in new objects and provide detailed descriptions for those objects
  • Add Attribute Type - Add a new attribute type that reflects any attribute you wish to attach to an object - model any software object using attributes
  • Add Object Type - Add a new object type - this allows you to model any type of object you are interested in. There are currently ovre 250 objects modelled in the Object Builder
  • Code Generation - Generate business objects directly from your object model using this flexible tool
  • Code Management - Manage your source code - keep track of it, catagorize it, reverse engineer it, document it
  • Compare Files - Take any two files and compare them for differences using this fast and flexible tool
  • Configuration - Adjust a wide assortment of configuration settings to make your Object Builder behave the way you want it to
  • Database Control - Drag and drop database tables or entire databases into the Object Builder - a great way to reverse engineer an existing application
  • Database Manager - Manage your database from within the Object Builder - dump and load tables, import and export data from csv files with a flexible command language
  • Document Generation - Generate your HTML or PDF documentation from a combination of object descriptions and XML
  • Editor - Use Object Builder's built in smart editor for working with various parts of your system
  • Icon Editor - Create and manage your application Icon's right in the Object Builder
  • Licensing - Create and manage your application's license in the Object Builder using objects from your application
  • Messages - Manage all of the messages used in your application - make them translatable by defining them in the Object Builder
  • Monitor - Watch how your application behaves as it is used using the Monitor panel in the Object Builder
  • Object Modifier - Change or delete multiple objects at once - add, change or delete attributes on multiple objects with one command
  • OM Management - Manage the Object Manager - the Application Platform directly from the Object Builder Management panel. This panel provides control over a wide set of Object Manager facilities
  • OM Statistics - View and manage all statistical information produced by the Object Manager while it is serving your application
  • Report Designer - Design sophisticated reports to be used in your application using objects from your Object Builder object model
  • Resourcer - Manage the resource file associated with your .Net Application
  • Scheduler - Manage the scheduler in the Object Builder or the Scheduler in any attached Object Manager
  • Setup Table Manager - Manage all of the various suport tables for the Object Builder - including Object Types and Attribute Types
  • SQL Editor - Execute SQL against your database directly from the Object Builder
  • Web Page Generator - Generate web pages directly from your object descriptions

Understanding the Object Builder

What we have below is a classic Object Builder interface showing a number of tools in action. In this case, the tools shown are the Object Tree, Object Properties, Object Picker and Web Page Generation.

In the Object Tree we can see the Companies object displayed which represents the Companies table in the SQL Database. Each column in the table is represented as a separate object with it's own set of properties and attributes. The object currently displayed in the Attributes list is the CountryID object which has both base attributes and one instance attribute that applies to the instance of the CountryID object found in the Companies table.

We can also see that a CompaniesDetail object has been dragged into the Web Page Generation tool and the web page was generated using the tool.