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  ObjetX UI Components - a comprehensive set of custom controls for ASP.NET.
 Make your job easier - by using components which are integrated with the Application Framework
User Interface components are Custom Control defined using ASP.NET. These controls represent individual UI input controls, layout controls or navigation controls that are placed in a framework by the Object Builder web page generation tool.

Each User Interface component is represented by an object type in the Object Builder. If, for instance, you want an Integer input control or a Dropdown input control, you simply define an object in the Object Builder and use that object in your web page object. The generator will look at the object type and the attributes for the object to determine which UI Component it should add to your .NET aspx page.

All the controls described here are designed to work in conjunction with the ObjetX UI Framework and the Application Framework as a whole. Taken together, they provide the capability the create a rich user experience in a thin client, web-browser based environment.

The controls available with the ObjetX UI component set include the following:

Data Input Controls:

CheckBoxDefinedList - A defined list (enums) of check boxes
CheckBoxLookup - A dropdown lookup of of database values with check boxes
CheckBoxSingle - A single checkbox control
CustomCalendar - A date/time control with a calendar lookup
DropDownCheckBoxList - A dropdown lookup of values with check boxes
DropDownDefinedList - A dropdown of enum values
DropDownLookup - A dropdown of database values
DropDownMultiColumn - A dropdown of database values with multiple columns
FilterItem - A self adjusting filter item - dependent on field type
ImageArea - Display a dynamic image
LookupDependency - Establish a dynamic link between two lookup values
RadioButtonDefinedList - A defined list of radio buttons
RadioButtonLookup - A dropdown lookup of of database values with radio buttons
RadioButtonSingle - A single radiobutton control
RelatedInfoLink - A dropdown menu of related items or functions
SlideControl - Slide control for variable setting
TextArea - Single or multi-line text area
TextBoxDate - Text box with Date or DateTime input
TextBoxKeyword - Text box with keyword verification
TextBoxDefinedList - Text box with a defined list (enums) of values
TextBoxDouble - Text box that accepts floating point input
TextBoxInt - Text box that accepts integer input
TextBoxLong - Text box that accepts integer-long input
TextBoxLookup - Text box for displaying entries that are validated against a lookup list
TextBoxMoney - Text box that displays and accepts money input
TextBoxString - Text box for string input
UploadControl - Upload single files from a client system to the server

Grid Controls:

StandardGrid - Base Grid for other grid controls
ExtendedGrid - Full capability summary grid with optional attached controls for accessing associated information
ExtendedGridBoundColumn - A Regular data column for the Grid
ExtendedGridCheckBoxColumn - A Check Box data column for the Grid
ExtendedGridImageColumn - A Image data column for the Grid
ExtendedGridImageLink - An Image Link data column for the Grid
ExtendedGridPageRecord - Pager control using record or page number for navigating for the Grid
ExtendedGridPageDate - Pager control using dates for navigating for the Grid
ExtendedGridRadioColumn - An Radio Button data column for the Grid
ExtendedGroupingGrid - Full capability summary grid that provides grouping and summary values
HierarchyGrid - Full capability summary grid that supports hierarchical data

Layout, Navigation and Miscellaneous Controls:

BarBreadcrumb - Improve your navigation by providing a bread crumb trail in your application
BarButtons - Holder for button components
BarErrorHandler - A standard error reporting component
BarFooter - Add a footer to your application
BarHeader - Add a header to your application
BarInstructions - A standard instruction component
BarPanRecords - Record navigation for record detail screens
BarTabs - A container for Tab controls
BreadCrumb - A bread crumb item for navigation trail
ButtonControl - A standard Button control for navigation and execution
CalendarPopup - Used in conjunction with a date or datetime field - displays a calendar for input
CheckBoxListButton - A Button Control for execution based on a check box list
CheckImageItem - A checkbox with an Image
ClickControl - Link Item
ClickImage - Image link
ClickImageLabel -
ClickMenu - Container for regular or image menu items
ClickMenuItem - Image menu item
ColumnControl - A column which may contain one or more input controls
HeaderTitle - A page header with Title
ImageLink - A link with an image
ImageLinkButton - A link button with an image
PageFrame - Frame for an entire page with one or more panels
PageTip - A tip control for the page - which may be turned on or off by default
PanelControl - A page panel which may have one or more sections
PopupLink - A link to a popup screen
ProgressBar - A control to display progress percentage
RowControl - Provides horizontal control for the page
Section - A page section which may contain one or more columns
Sliders - Container for sliding controls
TabControl - Tab container for data view controls
TipControl - Popup control to show tip help