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  Time Tracking from ObjetX - Experience the power of the ObjetX Application Framework.
 Manage your projects using the Time Tracker from ObjetX - you will never look back

Its 2 minutes to midnight - do you know where your project is?

The Time Tracker from ObjetX is designed to complement our methodology to help you manage your software development project from beginning to end. The Time Tracker is different from most other project management systems in that it focusses on task and their cummulative impact. By clearly understanding the tasks required to meet milestone objectives, and tracking actual time to estimates for individual tasks and developers, you can quickly determine the health of your project.

Another great thing about the Time Tracker from ObjetX is that is a great example of what our Framework can do for you. Developed entirely in MS .NET using the ObjetX Application Framework, UI Framework and Object Builder tools, you have access to all the same great facilities if you choose to work with the ObetX Application Framework.

Oh, and did we mention that it's free. Us the Time Tracker to manage your project or your many projects, large or small. You'll see what we mean by enterprise class software. See for yourself they type of applications you can build using our tools.