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ObjetX as a company, was borne out of many years of software development, technology management and project management consulting. To aid in the consulting practice and to help improve the software development process, a number of tools were developed. The ObjetX tools available today represent the third generation of tools from Dimension Software. We have the experience, the technology and the expertise to help you develop a software application which is specific to your requirements. Our involvement can take many different forms: from technology facilitator to complete outsourced development. You decide which level of support works best for you and your team, and for your company’s long term needs.

We have provided a sample list of possible ways in which you can employ the services of ObjetX consulting. Every situation is different and there are many factors which may or should influence how you and your company proceed with development of a software system that is integral to your business.

  • Technology Facilitator – We provide the expertise and training in the use of our technology so that your development team can get the best use of our extensive technology and tool set.
  • Project Management – We manage your project team for you; ensuring that realistic objectives are set and then managing to your estimates and budget. We have the experience to deliver development projects on-time and on-budget.
  • Requirements Analysis – Laying out proper requirements for your application is crucial to ensuring that your needs are met and that the end product is testable and a quality product that meets expectations. If expectations are not clear, results will not be either.
  • In-house Software Development – We are the experts using our technology and we can develop code using our technology effectively and efficiently. Mixing our developers with yours can provide a good mix of technology expertise and business application expertise in the development of your application.
  • Out-Sourced Development – Working with you to develop the application requirements, we then take those requirements and develop the complete application while providing access for your team to the maturing application as it comes available. At the end, we work with you on performing the acceptance test to ensure that all requirements are met.

As an example of the type of projects ObjetX and Dimension Software have been involved in; the project in which the latest generation of ObjetX tools was developed and tested serves as a good example.

The project involved the replacement of an existing Client-Server application and a web-based application that provided a great deal of the same functionality over the web, with a new, high-function web application. The existing application was quite large, comprising over 300,000 lines of Visual Basic code, over 300 unique screens and over 300 database tables. The applications were in use by over 200 companies around the word, many of them Fortune 500 companies. The original estimate was for 95,000 man-hours of design, development and testing time. The probability of successfully providing the software on time and on budget was estimated at 50%.

Let us show you the type of ROI you can expect by using the ObjetX Application Framework.

To complicate matters, there was another variable thrown into the mix. The existing Client-Server application and the web-based application each had their own communications program for connecting and transferring back account and payment information between the applications and the banks. There were over 150 different data transfer protocols support between the two communication programs. Neither of these programs worked well, they were difficult to maintain – nor would they work for the new application. They had to be replaced as well. That project alone was estimated at a minimum of another 15,000 man-hours with a much lower probability of success. Developing a communications manager is a much different technical challenge; it is not the same as developing application software.

We had 20 months, from start to finish, to develop both the application and the communications server.

With a team of 30, mostly in-house developers, documenters and quality assurance analysts – a business analyst and 5 team leads, we completed version 1 of the application and the communications manager in just over 65,000 hours. On time and on budget, the whole system was deployed live on the internet 3 months after software completion. It is a highly secure web-application in use today by over 100 companies around the world. It is SAS 70 II Certified and it uses ObjetX technology, developed using ObjetX consulting services.

We developed this complex, enterprise class application for 60% of the original estimated time. Our estimate for this project was 65,000 hours - we delivered according to that estimate, and, we did it on schedule and on budget.

Let us show you what we can do for you. Contact Us and tell us about your project.

ObjetX consulting is performed through Dimension Software Corp.: a company that has experience in a diverse set of software development projects and technology management engagements since it's inception in 1985. Dimension continues today as the Project Management and Custom Software Development arm of ObjetX.