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  The ObjetX Application Framework provides a complete set of tools for advanced applications.
 Enterprise Application Development Framework - ObjetX provides the tools and the expertise

The ObjetX Application Framework is more than just a set of tools; it is a complete methodology, architecture and supporting infrastructure. An application infrastructure refers to the software architecture, application development tools, integration facilities, pre-built application components, management tools, development methodology and security infrastructure.

For too many companies, their application development environment has become an unwieldy mish-mash of products from various vendors. Simplification, effectiveness, productivity and maintainability are the goals for the framework and the vision is to utilize this power to improve the productivity and quality of software development.

This infrastructure is based on work that has been done on real systems. Work that has proven the concepts and the approach, work that has provided tools and concepts; introducing a wide range of skilled people to a new way of developing software. It has worked well in the past, and it will work even better in the future.

The ObjetX toolset is a third-generation product that is much easier to use than the previous generations of the tool and it provides a much greater scope of application support and capability. The Object Manager Application Platform forms the basis for a flexible, secure and scalable application server that greatly simplifies the task of integrating new applications with existing applications and systems. The Object Manager manages the execution of system components and supports the execution of and communication amongst the application components; it also provides the necessary support for security, error handling, localization, auditing, logging, event handling, scheduled task execution and a host of other services.

The Object Manager also provides front end support for the complex web pages that can be described in the Object Builder, and provides comprehensive support for web services and reporting. On the back end, the Object Manager supports load balancing and scalability and can act as a middleware transaction manager to provide access to any required service.

As this is a complete development environment, we provide an associated methodology that is modeled on the Rapid Application Development approach to software development. In a traditional development approach using hand-coded components, it is very difficult to utilize a proper stepwise refinement approach to software development. Coding quickly with incomplete design, technology and scope dictate that upgrading, rationalization, refactoring and integration of existing components happen on a continuous basis. As the application grows in scope, it requires more work to update all of the components.

If the application model is dynamic and the associated code is generated, this continuous updating, reorganization and refinement happens almost effortlessly and becomes a normal part of the normal daily build process. This is our vision: to provide an ever growing, effective and comprehensive set of tools and components that make the development, deployment and maintenance of complex, integrated applications straightforward and risk free.

Let our vision be your view of the future.