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  ObjetX provides sophisticated tools, software and expertise for the development of enterprise business applications.
 Enterprise Application Development - Advanced Capability from ObjetX

Do you need to develop a complex, secure web-application quickly?
ObjetX has the expertise and the tools you need.

Explore our website to find out about the many tools and services that ObjetX offers to help you develop high quality applications. Find out for yourself how developing web-applications for a business is much more than just throwing together a few input and display forms tied to a server based database. Contact us for a free ObjetX Applications Development White Paper which describes the many things you will need to consider in developing your web-application.

If you are concerned about high-availability, security, user management and roles, reliability, scalability, SAS 70 (Statement on Auditing Standards No. 70) certification or a host of other things that need to be considered for a quality business applcation - then you need to understand what ObjetX can do for you. Find out how we have considered every aspect of developing complex web-applications in the ObjetX Application Framework. Find out how we can help you dramatically reduce the cost, time and risk of your software development while at the same time improve the quailty and manageability of your projects.

Contact us, tell us what your project involves and we'll send you the information you need.

Advanced applications are much more than just a pretty interface. Scalability, performance under fire, security, flexability, user roles, error recovery - these are only of a few of the many basic requirements which need to be considered when building a sophisticated, enterprise-class, online application.

You'll find many development tools which allows you to build the webpages for input and data display and some even generate code which allows your application to access a server based database.

Enterprise level web-applications require much more than the basics.

Developing high functionality, robust, secure applications for today's demanding online environment is a tougher task than it was just a few short years ago. People expect much more from their web applications: Web 2.0 is all about providing advanced capability - online.

An application built with the ObjetX Application Framework has access to a wide variety of services available from within the framework itself. The Object Manager application platform acts as server based host for your application business objects - providing executable access in a secure, scalable environment for web applications, web services and any authorized connected client or remote server. The Object Manager keeps your application running: handling errors, monitoring business application objects, throttling system usage, queuing requests, scaling out automatically - everything necessary to help you meet your Service Agreements and customer expectations.

Building, maintaining and enhancing a complex application can be a difficult task under perfect conditions. Doing the same with a web application while it continues to service your clients can seem like an impossible task at times. All applications must incorporate ongoing updates and enhancements to meet changing market or customer demands, and this can be a very time consuming, expensive and at times, dangerous process as you update your outward facing application. The ObjetX Application Framework gives you and your team an much better solution for managing your software development and deployment lifecycle. It simplifies and helps you manage the time consuming and error-prone tasks in development, deployment and maintenance, enabling your organization to leverage technology as a strategic asset.

Our Application Platform provides a layer of sophisticated technology on top of Microsoft® .NET that complements and extends the .NET Framework. ObjetX, in conjunction with development tools from Microsoft® such as .NET and SQL Server, provides a complete, sophisticated framework for developing, deploying, and maintaining enterprise business applications. Development is greatly accelerated using the Object Builder, an extensive, meta-data generative tool which extends Microsoft® .NET. Deployment of web-based thin client or smart-client business applications is streamlined and largely automated. Long term maintenance of your application is simplified using our unique unified application management model.

The ObjetX Application Framework Development Solution is comprised of a number of components and services that address the full lifecycle of development, deployment and maintenance.

Let us show you how we can help take your business to the next level using the ObjetX Application Framework.

Our Framework helps development teams build sophisticated web-based applications - from start to finish.

Using the ObjetX Application Framework, users or owners of a potential system can sit down with the developers, and work together to design, develop and refine the application.

With our tools they can create specifications for the system, describe the major components of the system: the application web pages, web services, the database schema and the SQL Scripts to create and manage the database, the business objects which provide application functionality, reports, and a metadata model which will define your application and how the user may interact with it.

The system will generate a prototype which serves as a basis for evaluating the application by non-developers working hand-in-hand with a developer to enhance the application. Through an interactive, iterative and incremental process, the system, the specifications and the project plan are refined, expanded upon and tested. It is a truly managed process that fully supports a Rapid Application Development process. This set of tools and process supports the development of sophisticated, highly robust, secure applications while involving the true application experts (the users) in the task of software application development.

Four key considerations in the development of complex software applications:

  1. The user/owner does not really understand what they want until they can see their application at work, at which point they will refine their requirements.
  2. There is a great deal of information lost through the transference of specifications between people, better to implement based on understanding and then refine.
  3. A large application will quickly surpass the ability of developers, analysts and managers to stay current on all of aspects and all of the information about the application.
  4. The infrastructure aspects of the software will require more work, at a higher development cost, than the application itself. The capability of the infrastructure is vitally important in ensuring that your application is secure, and keeps on running.

The information that is lost from design to implementation includes (but is not limited to) lower level detail, subtle requirements, assumptions and intent. A managed, stepwise refinement process is considerably more productive than a specification, design, implementation and test strategy. But a true iterative development process is hard to support with traditional development tools. One of the keys to better software involves going back and improving the software once the technology and the requirements are better understood. Another key to improving project success is the removal or streamlining of the step converting requirements into code via the design and implement approach.

The Object Builder helps convert requirements for application components, along with the detail to support them, directly from the description into code components and a metadata model that the Object Manager utilizes to manage the generated components and the application as a whole. The objective is to provide a more effective way of turning application knowledge into a working system thereby reducing the risk of developing the system.

It is that simple.

To support the interactive development there are three key attributes the infrastructure must have.
  • The ability to meet evolving needs of the business by adjusting the scope or capability of the application in a way that does not jeopardize application stability or developer productivity. This may mean changing things like data-structure or process definitions on the fly. This fast paced process highlights the capability to make changes and then to experience and test the changes immediately which enhances productivity and innovative thinking.

  • The ability to define system components in a very flexible fashion through a consistent, comprehensive and precise, object-based description language supports the development of diverse applications as well as the development of complex, highly functional systems. This application description facility can easily be extended with the ability to support new technologies, new capabilities and user specific constructs in an open-ended fashion. This allows the environment to change to meet an ever-expanding array of tools that make for better and better applications.

  • It is both easy to understand and powerful enough to appeal to a wide audience of users. Through the power of the model and capability of this product, teams can effectively develop applications that meet the needs of the business.

All of this means that better applications can be developed in a manageable way, reducing the cost, time and risk of implementing new applications. This is an exciting approach to software development that should help answer the question of what ObjetX can do for you, but there is more to look at to understand what it is that we are really talking about here. Read through our website, ask questions of us, download our white papers and check out our sample applications. You owe to yourself to understand how ObjetX helps take the risk out of application development and application hosting.

One decision: the ObjetX Application Framework Development Solution.

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